We get any handy work done easily!

We estimate that there are over 5,000,000 jobs in over 30 categories both in the informal and semi-formal sectors around urban centers in the five regions of Uganda. There isn't a faster and effective way to discover, verify and deploy skilled and semi-skilled labor to the most needed areas. Tukole leverages technology to connect skilled youth to individuals, businesses, and organizations that are in need of their services.

At Tukole, we believe that the skills mismatch and lack of trust of blue-collar workers have broken the link between the workers and the individual customers.


Our Mission

We strive to build a community of reliable, qualified workers with access to decent work through fair wages, job security, working in a safe and healthy environment with an opportunity for service providers’ growth and sustainability. Furthermore for individual customers to conveniently and fairly hire the best service provider for a job. 

Our Vision

Tukole visualizes the creation of career growth opportunities for every member of the informal and semi-formal sector.